The PDF is dead. We’re on the case to find out who killed it - and why?

It is a challenging case. There are so many things wrong with the PDF as a digital comms format in 2019, we have a long list of suspects. And the list of motives, just as long.

We need your help.

The first step is understanding who felt this strongly about the PDF. Our sources say the PDF has been a BIG problem for a lot of people. Anyone, that is, who gives a damn about the impact of their stories, their proposals, their reports or newsletters.

Think about the last PDF you received. How did it look on mobile? Or desktop, for that matter. Find yourself zooming, pinching, scrolling in all directions?

Did it grab you? Did it inspire you? Did it let you choose your journey?


In the News

Witness 1

Honestly, I can’t say my company will miss the PDF. It would just sit there alone in the dark, not telling us anything about ROI and demanding constant, expensive updates. Good riddance.

Witness 2

We used to publish everything as a PDF, it was a nightmare. Now everyone in my team easily collaborates on engaging stories that our readers love. Wait… this is off the record, right?

The Suspects

The mobile user

The mobile user

We’re sure it is the mobile user, who wants to read on the go but is fed up with pinching and scrolling just to get through the page.



Then again, it could be the CMO, who wants meaningful analytics to understand reader engagement but is drowning in a black hole of download data.

The intern

The intern

The intern is looking suspicious - is terrified of making a typo on a final static document and dreams of dynamic editing.



Or it could be the CEO, who has a major offline hangover headache as his company pours money into custom branding and expensive agencies with no clear ROI.

Who do you think it was?

Click to read Who killed the PDF?

We solved the case.

But we know there are more companies who are living with the PDF. It won’t end here. If you’re just as ready to kill the PDF as our suspects, let us know. Register for more information about Turtl.

Still not convinced?

5 reasons to kill the PDF:


Sweet FA reader analytics

Congratulations, someone downloaded the global report you spent 5 months creating. Hurray. But they didn't actually read it. Or did they? You don't know, because it's a PDF.


Pinch, pinch, scroll, pinch, pinch

Are you ok with giving your readers a shockingly poor mobile experience? Reading a PDF on small devices typically involves pinching and prodding the screen to achieve a legible font size. No thanks.


What brand identity?

Send a brief to five different agencies and you’ll receive five different documents that are technically all on-brand but by some mysterious feat have very little in common, aesthetically.


High costs, tight bottlenecks

Design can make or break the success of your communications. But a professionally designed PDF is a costly, time-consuming beast and a weak link in the agility of content strategies. Money well spent? Nah.


Out of date in
5, 4, 3, 2...

Once a PDF has been downloaded or printed, you lose all control of it. If you spot a heinous error and upload a new version to your website, the old one is still out there, in circulation, ready to come back and haunt you.

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